South Sea Pearls are from a type of white-lipped mollusc called ‘Pinctada Maxima’.


As indicated in green on the map below, South Sea pearls are cultivated in areas of the South Sea close to Australia, Indonesia and the Philippines, which enjoy a tropical climate.


The South Sea pearls sold at Oyster Pearl come from the Australian region. We picked the highest quality for you in the belief that a pearl from the South Sea would be the most valuable gem to match your elegance.





As South Sea pearl farms are situated in the open South Sea Ocean, they are greatly affected by climatic differences; even the smallest environmental changes can affect their shape and appearance or hinder the formation of a pearl inside the oyster. In addition to their sensitivity, the long cultivation period of these pearls necessitates a great deal of effort; together these are the two main factors in the pearls’ uniqueness as well as their high price.




About 100 young South Sea oysters are released into the sea and left to mature for a year. Then the mature oysters are removed and implanted with a nucleus (obtained from the oyster DNA) and returned to the South Sea Ocean to develop further.


South Sea pearls stay in the South Sea Ocean for a minimum of 2–5 years, during which they are visited every year at different times as part of their maintenance. At the end of this period, they reach a size of between 9 mm and 16 mm.






South Sea pearls are famous for their honey-gold and silvery-white colourings together with an extraordinary quality and beauty. These pearls are considerably larger than the other ‘mediocre’ pearls and are strikingly unblemished and perfectly round. They are perhaps the rarest and most outstanding gems to be found.


The greater size of the oyster itself, compared to Akoya and freshwater pearls, is one of the reasons why these pearls are so much larger. The larger they are, the greater their value.





At Oyster Pearl, we are experts on the subject of South Sea pearls. Our pearls come in different colours, sizes, qualities and cost options, ranging from $300-$7,000 in price. We are extremely proud to be able to offer you South Sea pearls, one of the rarest and most extraordinary gems available. It gives us great pleasure to help you give the most valuable gifts to the most valuable people in your life.


*Oyster Pearl is the first brand in the world to offer South Sea pearls for sale inside the oyster.



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