It's not known exactly how the pearl was discovered throughout history.The closest estimate says that was found by the people looking for food and the pearl in oyster
hit the beach draws their attention .For thousands of years,it has been fairly valued by the people with its shine and luster even Hindus have established a
relationship between the Moon and pearl and has been presented as a gift to the bride because it was a symbol of purity in marriage ceremonies.It's mentioned from
mouth to mouth that according to a legend Marcus Antonious drinks a pearl that he had melted in a glass at the result of a bet for consuming whole country's
possessions in one meal.The first pearl used as a jewel was found in Persian Queen's sarcophagus who died in 520 B.C is exhibited İn The Louvre Museum,in Paris.

Furthermore that was the biggest proof about how much the pearl was valued by the people of that period at the point to be buried with their own pearls.

Besides that United Kingdom's Queen Elisabeth I who lived between 1533 and 1603 was wearing 7 necklaces of pearls till her knees and they all draw attention particularly in the paintings drawn in her name.It has been used as the most elegant women's jewel likewise Knights were keeping pearl at arm's lenght at the battlefields believing that its talismanic being was protecting them against damages.Moreover it has been used at that time as a spangle on women and men's clothings.
During the Renaissance Period European Royalties legislate the prohibition of wearing pearl for all ,except the noble class,in a reason of pearl's quality and value so it has become a special jewel peculiarly for women of Royalty.However, this rule continued until the early 1900s, but French-born jeweler Jacques Cartier open a store in 1916 on Fifth Avenue,New York's most famous shopping place, who gave 2 pieces of pearl necklaces in exchange for a precious real estate , so that ceased
to be a special jewel only for the noble class.

Nowadays with technology and trade's increasing,it's cultured at the point having same characteristic with the natural pearls so that has become a product which may be obtained easily by those who love to posseed the same property.
''Pearl'' is seemed firstly in English Language at 14th century and at Renaissance Period ''pearl'' was signifying ''uniqueness'' and that exemplify that none of pearls is similar to other one.Today it is used as an indispensable accessory of wedding ceremonies.İn the Hindu religion drilling pearls and presenting them as a gift has become the most important and significant part of these ceremonies.