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You can see the difference between freshwater and Akoya pearls and their oysters from the natural photo below..
İstiridye Farkları
You can easily see the difference between our products and the type of cheaper pearls available on the market from the pictures below. There are seven different indicators of a pearl’s quality: genus, size, nacre, shape, lustre, surface and colour. You can easily tell the difference between cheap pearls and our high quality products by looking at the photographs below. If you want to learn more about the factors that contribute to a pearl’s quality, please visit our pearl quality page.

For our pearl quality page, please click here.
Tatlı su Akoya İstiridye Farkları

Pearls differ in value. Oysters are natural and delicate creatures, so external factors that affect their cultivation conditions and stages of growth, such as parasites entering their shell or problems experienced as they are growing, affect the oysters’ value. These factors affect both their value and their price. According to the DokuzEylul University DGL Laboratory and the world-recognised International GIA quality standards, the seven important criteria that determine a pearl’s value are:

1. Genus (Type)
2. Size
3. Nacre (Mother of Pearl)
4. Shape
6. Surface
7. Colour

•You can find detailed information to help you analyse price and value on our pearl quality page.

For our pearl quality page,. please click here.


As freshwater pearls are cultivated in pools, streams and lakes, they develop with less minerals than their saltwater counterparts. This is why saltwater pearls are more valuable than freshwater pearls. The best, highest quality oysters develop in the sea or ocean, because they receive plenty of nutrients from the minerals in the water, making the oyster’s nacre thicker and shinier. For example, 1,000 young sea oysters are released into the sea and left to mature for 6–12 months; at the end of this period, the oysters are gathered, implanted and released into the sea once again. Every year throughout the cultivation period, the oysters are gathered and cleaned of algae and external parasites. At the same time, they are checked for disease and given various treatments. If these treatments are neglected, it can lead to a reduction in the quality of the pearl or the death of the oyster. By the time the oysters are gathered for the final harvest and checked with x-ray apparatus, most of them will have died of complications or produced shapeless pearls. At the end of this whole process, which is incredibly intensive and difficult, out of 1,000 oysters, only 2% will be perfectly round and out of these only 0.5% will be lustrous. This explains why regular shaped, lustrous pearls are so much more valuable. The low numbers of high quality pearls produced are in high demand from numerous jewellery companies, which also increases their price. In conclusion, we can say that out of every 1,000 oysters gathered, an average of only 0.5% have the quality and distinction to be accepted by us at Oyster Pearl. .


Oyster Pearl prefers e-commerce to the high price tags that accompany the huge expense of renting premises in a shopping centre or busy high street. Thanks to e-commerce, we can introduce every one of our customers to the quality of real gems at a reasonable price they can afford. We are constantly refreshing and updating our website so that you can browse our sales range in detail, get comprehensive information about each product and find instant answers to any questions that come to mind. .


Freshwater pearls are cultivated in pools, streams and lakes. The oyster cultivation method used enables mass production in a short time. The grafting process takes place when the oysters are still young and they mature in 3–6 months. Between 5 and 10 Pearls oysters can be obtained from one oyster. Saltwater pearls are left in the seato mature for 6–12 months before grafting takes place. The matured oysters are then gathered for the grafting to take place. Once released into the sea again, these oysters are left to mature for 4–7 years, but every year they are cared for with various treatments,making the process both long and difficult. The difficulty and length of this process makes saltwater pearls expensive. .


Just as everything that develops naturallyin nature is more valuable, so too are natural pearls more valuable. However, a natural pearl that is misshapen is less valuable than a cultured pearl with a uniform shape that has formed through the grafting process. The pearl culturing process can be compared to the IVF process used for human babies. Cultured pearls are left to develop in the natural environment after matter is physically injectedinto the secretory canals of each living oyster by technicians. The nucleus matter usedisobtained from the living oyster. Over time the oyster reacts to this material by secreting mother of pearl (calcium carbonate CaCO3) to coat the inserted matter,thereby protecting itself against the foreign body. This miraculous phenomenon causes the formation of the pearl. A cultured pearl that develops in this way is as valuable as a pearl that has developed completely naturally. Natural pearls form when a grain of sand enters the oyster by chance. As this is a rare occurrence, pearl culturing methods are used to produce more pearls. Undoubtedly, the rarity of finding a naturally formed, unblemished pearl makes it an extremely expensive item. .


Oysters are alive as long as they stay in their natural environment. The moment they enter the protective fluid, they die..


You shouldn’t worry aboutreceiving an oyster without a pearl. In saltwater oysters, the pearl is located right inside the mollusc, close to the centre of the oyster. Please look carefully inside the inner parts of the mollusc before calling customer services.

Yes, all the pearls we sell are real cultured pearls. If you want to see more patent and quality information about our products, you can find all our certifications on the quality page. Click here to go to our quality page.!
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