Oyster Pearl of Mami L.L.C. In 1979, Celik Business was established as a small business in the city, the pearl of the Mediterranean. Following this with the establishment of Celik Group Import and Internet Services in 2006, the company cast aside its image as a small concern and adopted a new corporate identity. In 2012, operating under the name of Celik Group International Import Production Services, the company added the Oyster Pearl® brand to its portfolio, introducing the adventure that had begun and the whole world. Today, it is one of a limited number of companies producing and export and importing oyster pearls, not just in 1 Country, but in the whole world.

As a trustworthy shopping site, in an age when every business operates via the digital environment, we want to make sure that our customers have full confidence in our reliability and let them know we are always there to help. In order to give you an even better service and show the quality of our products more clearly, at Oyster Pearl® we have made it our mission to overhaul and update our website, just as physical premises need to be refurbished from time to time. From the day of its inception, our company has adopted a vision of producing quality products and delivering the finest service. This is why we have exceeded the reliability criteria of our customers and will continue to do so. Your belief in us will never be disappointed; from the special skill and expertise we invest in the nurturing of our pearls, to their transformation into jewellery designed with superior quality and technology, and right up to the moment they are sold online, we will nurture your confidence and reward your trust. We have chosen a workmanship that meets all the values we prize. And you have chosen Oyster Pearl® to give those you love gifts that meet all the values you prize. THANK YOU.